I am still seeing ads - is something wrong?

Stands should block all annoying ads, like popups and ads that take over the entire page, so you should not see those.

If you do - please let us know by reporting an issue from the app (there is a button at the bottom right corner), or via the feedback pane on the ad which can be accessed by clicking the STANDS label on the lower left corner of any ad delivered by Stands.

Stands does allow for unintrusive ads to show on some website, as long as the website is part of our Fair Ads program and respects your ads choices.

If you feel those ads are annoying - please let us know.

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    Asma AK

    i cant find a troubleshoot button. pls help

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    Robert I

    Stands not functioning on chrome for ipad

    Edited by Robert I
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    Fair adblocker is dead now, I think they have gone out of business. Adblocker went down weeks ago and they never fix it and never respond to help, just a automated message from a computer somewhere.

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    Ananya Gupta

    Just realized myself that Fair Stands AdBlocker (what a great concept for balance!) is abandoned. Their website and Twitter are untouched since 2016.

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    Kattie Elizabeth

    I been trying to figure out why I'm still seeing abs that the the website, if this fair stands adblocker doesn't work anymore, is there a better adblocker that I should go to stop these pop up abs?

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