I'm not using Chrome - can I still use Stands?

Not at this time. We are working hard to support other browsers and we’ll let you know as those are released.


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    Chris Dashney

    dam i want this for firefox bad!!!

  • 3
    Santi Loiacono

    Please, make it compatible with Edge and Opera.

    Opera has an own adblocker but it uses too much RAM and Stands is really lighter.



  • 1
    Ben C

    firefox please

  • 0
    Bob Hurd

    I am really looking forward to a Microsoft Edge browser add-in to stop those phishing adverts from coming up.  Firefox would be good too.

    Great job on Chrome!

  • 0
    Pamela Williamson

    I have been using your blocker for years, however Chrome is too heaving and slows me down on Windows 10 to a complete stop lately and I am now using Opera, so much better! But trying to watch movies on line is horrible without you and all the porn popup's I cannot stand it. 

  • 0
    Jadeion Lee

    I love your app. I've recommended it to everyone.

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    Yxzyzzyx Gaming aka Arbor the Leafeon

    I love this app, and am very glad that it will go on other browsers. I would prefer for it to go on firefox first due to chrome always absorbing RAM.

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