Is there a mobile app?

Not at this time. We are planning to release one in the future.


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    Sales Support

    Wow! it works perfectly in computer, But Today most of the people use internet from mobile devices so you should be quick in making of mobile app.We are eagerly waiting for  'mobile app', specially for android.   kindly do the needful.

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    It seems to me that you are the "good guys". I'm a teacher and other things.  We need this app for mobile phones, specially android to protect those more vulnerable (older newbies).  What is stopping you from doing this or is it work in progress?  Could you recommend one in the meantime?  I'll spread your browser extension as much as I can.   Thanks and keep me posted.

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    Darrall joseph “BykmaEHobbs” Lee

    i need help im, so stress out this i dont know if im going crazy or not

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    Joe Ancora

    You are an amazing team, you supply what people need to stop those terrible ads

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    Sedat GÜNAYDIN

    Lots of users waiting for your adblocker for safari mobile and other mobile browsers. please keep waiting people anymore.

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    Winona “Penjamin” Murray

    I will keep my eyes out for it

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