How do I stop using Stands \ uninstall it \ remove it from my Browser?

As any other extension, you can remove it by choosing Setting -> Extension from the chrome menu, there you can select to disable or remove completely.

You can also remove it by right-clicking the extension icon and choosing "Remove from Chrome"

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    i would never want to remove stands from my browser xD


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    "i would never want to remove stands from my browser xD" Well I want to cause it fucking sucks, way to much glitches, bugs wich never got fixed so far, blocking normal pop ups wich I cause and want to see and want to download like PDF's wich it wont let me cause Stands sucks, but yeah sure let the fucking add pop ups throu. and now I can't even remove it, the "shown" way doesn't work cause it doesn't exist I clicked under every option and still can not remove it. Also fucking funny thing, fair ads counts on a few websites up until the Browser crashes even tho there are no ads to beginn with.

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