How can I know Stands really donated the money?

Your trust is important for making Stands happen. To ensure we have it we’re being very transparent and are taking all possible steps so that you don’t just need to trust our word.

  • Check our non-profits page to see an updated status on all generated donations.
  • Our company charter includes a section about our commitment, mandating all directors in the company to donate the committed-upon portion of profits to nonprofits.
  • Our End User License Agreement (found here) includes a section about our commitment to you that we will indeed donate to the cause of your choice from the revenue generated by your browsing.
  • We intend on becoming a certified B-corporation, which includes strict transparency guidelines as well as a 3rd party audit of our impact. We will release reports indicating the sums that were donated and the organizations which received them at least once a year (and hopefully once a quarter).

We will keep you updated you in the app and via email (if you so desire) about your progress at making an impact.

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