Will it slow down my browsing experience?

No. You would actually experience faster browsing.
Stands prioritizes content over ads and only allows ads after the content has finished loading.

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    Jason Cooper

    cool, I can't stand when ads are loading in the background of what ever site I'm trying to stream I hope this ad blocker works!


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    just get 4 different adblocks that block all sorts of adds i recommend adblock adblock plus adblock for youtube and ublock plus adblock

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    i just simply use ad blocker for youtube and stands and it works great just like that

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    Adrian Flynn

    Stop ads loading BEHIND the page I want!
    When I close the browser there are ADDS behind it in the screen!

    Stop what ads from blocking content on the page I am looking at, you move the page the ad stays over the same content or directly in the MIDDLE OF THE PAGE!

    "KTAR" (Phoenix, Arizona) has their LOGO BAR directly in the middle of any artificial you trying to read. EXTREMELY ANNOYING!

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