I already have an Ad Blocker, what should I do?

You can install Stands but it will not be able to allow Fair Ads on supported websites.

Stands is different than regular ad blockers and privacy tools since it both keeps your privacy and doesn’t block all ads, at the same time.
If you already have an ad blocker or privacy tool installed, we recommend you give Stands a try and disable the ad blocker for while.

Among the tools you should disable to give Stands a try: Ad Block, Ad Block Plus, Ad Block Edge, uBlock, Disconnect, Ghostery (only if used for blocking), Privacy Badger.

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    Baia Da Diddit

    Is it possible to run Stands with a different ad blocker? I like Disconnect, and I've been using it for a while. I whitelisted Stands with Disconnect and vice-versa. What issues can I run into?

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    vanepalsingh bhati

    This add blocker is not working in my phone

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    Modassir Khan

    No add

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